Master of the Straight Line

A Story of Stratton Oakmont

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Based on a true story, this contemporary book about Wall Street is the real story of Stratton Oakmont.

Master of the Straight Line: A Story of Stratton Oakmont is the debut release for writer Mary Detres. Born in New York City and raised on Long Island, Detres is daughter of New York Daily News writer Adam DiPetto. After two decades in the fashion industry in the heart of New York City, Detres left her career working alongside fashion greats including the acclaimed Diane Von Furstenberg to embark on a new adventure, serving the famed stock brokerage Stratton Oakmont. In 1994, Stratton Oakmont was a tumultuous environment. Mary began her career as a broker at the exact time that the Wolf of Wall Street himself was banned from the industry. Master of the Straight Line is a mostly non-fiction account of her experience there. She learned the secrets of the sale and the Straight Line pitch that made some millions and cost others their lives and was compelled to record intimate, personal details starting 20 years ago. Mary currently lives with her husband in sunny Florida. Mary worked at Stratton for less than 2 years. Although she currently lives in Florida, she is not one of the boiler room millionaires that moved here because of the liberal tax laws. You be the judge and jury!READ NOW



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Jordan Belfort Is the Wolf of Wall Street

I worked at Stratton Oakmont in the 90s. Here is my version of the story.

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